If you are wanting a nice and relaxed holiday in India by the beach, one of the best options for you is to head to Goa. It is one of the most famous beach destinations in India and has something for everyone!

Adults can be on the beach and get some sunshine, and the children can play in the sand making sandcastles. There are also a lot of different activities from local sightseeing to water sports. A lot of the nice hotels have private beaches, so this is a very good option in case you are looking for some private and relaxed time.

Five Day Itinerary in Goa

On the first day, divide your time between the famous Grandmother's Hole Beach and the attractions nearby such as the Baina Market, the Vasco Clock Tower, The St. Andrew's Church or one of the many Hindu Temples in this area, don't forget to indulge in a Goan cuisine restaurant like the Vasco Square and have the famous masala stuffed chilli, the paneer 65 or the kokum buttered prawns. Second Day, Pack some food and water, rent a car and go discover the Mhadei and the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuaries, make sure you organize your route to include stops on the Neturlem Waterfall, Netravali Bubbling Lake and the Manipi Waterfall, the suggestion is to take extra camera battery because it's very likely you will need, you will be discovering natural beauty at its finest. Third Day, relax by the hotel swimming pool and engage with the locals, try to learn their costumes and traditions. Fourth day, Walk around the city centre, visit the Sadolxem Bridge, the fish market, have a taste of the octopus in one of the restaurants nearby, and after head to the Backwaters Palolem not without refreshing yourself with some fresh coconut water that you can buy near the beaches. Fifth day, Get in touch with your inner self, do some research on the temples in the area and once you selected your favourites go visit them, remember to respect the rules of these religious places and do not miss a chance of doing some meditation in their surroundings, you will find that their energy helps you concentrate and relax.

Tourist Spots in Goa

There is a lot of history in goa and a lot of things to see. The buildings and architecture are a combination of modern Indian and very old Portuguese inspired architecture. Some of the not-to-miss spots while in goa are,

  • Basicilia of Bom Jesus: this is a UNESCO listed church and extremely beautiful
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus was created between 1594 and 1605 in the Portuguese part in India called Goa. This church is a really good example of the Portuguese architecture, they were and are always an expert in the construction of buildings. The impressive basilica has been a popular pilgrimage destination ever since 1946 when it was changed from a church to a basilica. You are free to pray and admire the monument which has been part of the world heritage of the UNESCO since 1986.
  • Se Cathedral: this is a cathedral that had been built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and it is still standing!
  • Se Cathedral was built in 1147 by Portuguese people under the orders of the 1st king Alphonse of Portugal after the loss of the city of Maures in Portugal. The church became a cathedral in 1393 thanks to Jean 1st. This is another pilgrimage place in India, this is a really beautiful heritage of the Portuguese conquest in India. The Cathedral is really pious and steeped in history.
  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: A beautiful church with a very picturesque façade
  • Fort Aguada: this is on the beach and also has a hotel by the Taj group in the area

Where to Stay?

Our recommendation is the Taj Fort Aguada – it is one of the many resorts in God and has excellent rooms and customer service. There are of course a range of hotels to select from, including Hyatt, Marriott, etc.

Best Beaches in Goa

No visit to goa is complete without a visit to the many beaches. Some of the more famous ones are: Candolim, Sinquerim, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Morjim and Arambol. Our favourite is Baga beach because it has so many restaurants and bars on the beach.

Make sure that you visit more than one beach, each of them has a different personality and vibe. They each cater to different types of tourists – some are more “party” type and others are quieter for couples, and of course there are the fun ones that cater to the entire family including children!

What to Eat and Drink?

As a coastal state, seafood heavily influences the food and cuisine. Goan fish curry for example is a delicious combination of local fish and succulent spices. You can still taste a lot of the influences of Portuguese style of cooking in goan cuisine.

The region also has some rich agricultural produce in the form of cashews. These are used extensively in the food and also made into a local liquor. Peculiar to taste, Feni, is a must try when you are in goa. There is also a toddy palm feni that hails from the state – but we much rather have the cashew one!

Clothing and local weather

Goa is warm for most part of the year and you can hang out at the beach during that time. But please remember that goa also experiences the full wrath of the monsoons, pretty much like all other coastal towns in India. So be prepared for broadly speaking two kinds of weather – heat and rains!